MolMagMel – Molecular Magnetism @ Melbourne

It was all smiles at the inaugural MolMagMel meeting on Friday, as students and staff from Monash, Melbourne and ANSTO gathered to discuss topics ranging from neutron scattering to spin crossover to molecular spintronics.  Hopefully, this will become a regular event.


Welcome Jett

The Boskovic Group welcomes new MSc student Jett Janetzki.  We are looking forward to an enjoyable and productive next couple of years.

Colette & Elodie at ECMM in Bucharest

Colette and Elodie attended the European Conference on Molecular Magnetism in Bucharest, Romania.  Colette gave a talk entitled “Mgnetic excitations in lanthanoid-polyoxotungstate single molecule magnets: an inelastic neutron scattering and ab initio study” and Elodie presented the poster:  “Lanthanoid dioxolene systems:  magnetic and photophysical investigations of a versatile family”


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