Colette & Elodie at ECMM in Bucharest

Colette and Elodie attended the European Conference on Molecular Magnetism in Bucharest, Romania.  Colette gave a talk entitled “Mgnetic excitations in lanthanoid-polyoxotungstate single molecule magnets: an inelastic neutron scattering and ab initio study” and Elodie presented the poster:  “Lanthanoid dioxolene systems:  magnetic and photophysical investigations of a versatile family”


Crystal Growth & Design paper for Olga

Congratulations to Olga Drath on the acceptance of her paper: “One dimensional chain and ribbon cobalt-dioxolene coordination polymers: a new valence tautomeric compound”, for publication in Crystal Growth & Design.

Inorganic Chemistry paper for Michele

Congratulations to Michele on the acceptance of his manuscript entitled “Magnetic excitations in polyoxotungstate-supported lanthanoid single-molecule magnets: an inelastic neutron scattering and ab initio study”,  for publication in Inorganic Chemistry.

ARC Grant Success

Announced today:

ARC  Discovery Project,  “Enhancing Lanthanoid Single-Molecule Magnets”, Colette Boskovic; Alessandro Soncini; Keith Murray; Richard Mole.

ARC LIEF Grant, “Molecular Structure Elucidation Facility”,  J.White; M.Griffin; C. Boskovic; P. Barnard; J. Dutton; D. Turner; P. Andrews; C. Ritchie; C. Jones; B. Abrahams; K. Murray; S. Batten.

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