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  1. Welcome back Jett!

    We’re delighted to welcome Jett Janetzki back to the group for a PhD.  Jett will be investigating some novel switchable materials and making good use of …


  2. J. Am. Chem. Soc. paper for Gemma, Jett & Moya

    Congratulations to Gemma, Jett and Moya on the publication of their paper “Understanding the Origin of One- or Two-Step Valence Tautomeric Transitions in Bis(dioxolene)-Bridged Dinuclear Cobalt …


  3. Oral presentation prize for Jett

    Congratulations to Jett on receiving the runner-up award for best oral presentation at the 2019 RACI Victorian Inorganic Postgraduate Symposium.


  4. Congratulations Dr Gransbury

    Congratulations Gemma on your PhD graduation! .


  5. Congratulations Jett!

    Congratulations to Jett Janetzki who has just completed his MSc(Chemistry) with First Class Honours. Jett’s major thesis was titled “Cobalt complexes with redox-active ligands: switchable magnetic …


  6. Dalton Transactions paper for Will and Maja

    Congratulations to Will and Maja on the publication of their paper “Tetraoxolene-bridged rare-earth complexes: a radical-bridged dinuclear Dy single-molecule magnet”, in a special issue of Dalton …


  7. ARC Future Fellowship for Colette

    Australian Research Council Future Fellowship Metal-Based Molecular Materials  From Electronic Structure to Functionality This project aims to develop and explore new metal-based molecular materials, focusing on …


  8. Colette invited to speak at ACMM in Fukuoka

    Colette has just accepted an invitation to speak at the Asian Conference on Molecular Magnetism, ACMM2020, to be held in Fukuoka, Japan, March 8-11, 2020.


  9. Welcome Moya

    A hearty welcome to new Boskovic Group postdoc Dr Moya Hay, who joins us today from Mark Murrie’s group at the University of Glasgow.  Moya will …


  10. Chemical Science paper for Gemma

    Congratulations to Gemma on the publication of her paper “Single-ion anisotropy and exchange coupling in cobalt(II)-radical complexes: insights from magnetic and ab initio studies” in Chemical …


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