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  1. Colette’s a Visiting Professor at the University of Barcelona

    Colette is on sabbatical for 3 months as a Visiting Professor at the University of Barcelona, where she is hosted by Professors Guillem Aromí and Carolina …


  2. Accounts of Chemical Research article for Boskovic Group

    A review entitled “Rare Earth Polyoxometalates” has just been published in the prestigious American Chemical Society journal Accounts of Chemical Research (Acc. Chem. Res. 2017, 50, …


  3. Colette & Elodie at ECMM in Bucharest

    Colette and Elodie attended the European Conference on Molecular Magnetism in Bucharest, Romania.  Colette gave a talk entitled “Mgnetic excitations in lanthanoid-polyoxotungstate single molecule magnets: an …


  4. Colette meets up with former colleagues at ECMM in Bucharest

    Colette at the European Conference on Molecular Magnetism in Bucharest with former postdoctoral colleagues Mark Murrie and Greg Chaboussant.  Photos now and in 2003 …  


  5. Congratulations to Maja on graduating with an MSc!

      Congratulations to Maja on graduating with first class Honours for her Master of Science degree!


  6. Crystal Growth & Design paper for Olga

    Congratulations to Olga Drath on the acceptance of her paper: “One dimensional chain and ribbon cobalt-dioxolene coordination polymers: a new valence tautomeric compound”, for publication in …


  7. ANSTO Press Release

    Molecular geometry and magnetism: Investigation of lathanoid-based single molecule magnets – See more here


  8. Welcome to new Masters students

    The Boskovic Group welcomes new Masters students Aiden Atkin and Will Reed.


  9. Inorganic Chemistry paper for Michele

    Congratulations to Michele on the acceptance of his manuscript entitled “Magnetic excitations in polyoxotungstate-supported lanthanoid single-molecule magnets: an inelastic neutron scattering and ab initio study”,  for …


  10. ARC Grant Success

    Announced today: ARC  Discovery Project,  “Enhancing Lanthanoid Single-Molecule Magnets”, Colette Boskovic; Alessandro Soncini; Keith Murray; Richard Mole. ARC LIEF Grant, “Molecular Structure Elucidation Facility”,  J.White; M.Griffin; …


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