Welcome Tristan

Welcome to Tristan Fischer, who joins us as an exchange student from the Group of Prof Eva Rentschler at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Germany.  Tristan will be working on dinuclear valence tautomeric complexes as multistate molecular switches.

Congratulations Jett and Zahra!

A big congratulations to Jett Janetzki, who has been awarded a Tom Healy travel award to attend the Asian Conference on Molecular Magnetism in India and to Zahra Zahir, who has been awarded an RACI travel award to attend the RACI congress in Brisbane.

Welcome Jonay!

Welcome to new PhD student Jonay González, who joins us from the group of Carolina Sañudo at the University of Barcleona.  Jonay will be working on switchable lanthanoid complexes.

Welcome back Marcus!

We are delighted to welcome back Dr Marcus Giansiracusa, who will be rejoining the group as a post-doc, after completing his MSc with us previously, before a PhD at the University of Manchester with Nick Chilton.  Among other things, Marcus will oversee operation of the new SQUID magnetometer.

Welcome Haseena!

Welcome to new PhD student Haseena Ismail, who joins us from Sri Lanka.   Haseena will be co-supervised by Lars Goerigk and working to develop charge-neutral switchable metal complexes for better translation into devices.

Awards for Jett and Maja

Congratulations to Boskovic Group Members Jett Janetzki and Maja Dunstan who were presented with awards at the Annual School of Chemistry Student Awards ceremony yesterday.  Jett won the Professor Kernot Research Scholarship, and Stanley Harvey Prize (Chemistry) and J H Harvey Prize for his MSc results and Maja won the prize for the Best 3rd Year Laboratory Demonstrator.

IC21 Prizes for Maja and Vincent

Congratulations to Maja and Vincent on winning prizes at last week’s virtual RACI Inorganic Chemistry Division meeting IC21!

MSc student Vincent Nadurata won the Chem Comm prize for his poster “Explorations in the realm of valence tautomerism: rich redox activity and solvatochromism in a series of heteroleptic Co complexes”

PhD student Maja Dunstan won a prestigious Don Stranks award for her talk and poster “Crystal field splitting and exchange coupling in lanthanoid(III)-semiquinonate complexes”

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