Congratulations Jett!

Congratulations to Jett Janetzki who has just completed his MSc(Chemistry) with First Class Honours. Jett’s major thesis was titled “Cobalt complexes with redox-active ligands: switchable magnetic materials”.

Dalton Transactions paper for Will and Maja

Congratulations to Will and Maja on the publication of their paper “Tetraoxolene-bridged rare-earth complexes: a radical-bridged dinuclear Dy single-molecule magnet”, in a special issue of Dalton Transactions celebrating the 60th birthday of Prof Annie Powell.  This work was performed in collaboration with Richard Mole and Keith Murray.

ARC Future Fellowship for Colette

Australian Research Council Future Fellowship

Metal-Based Molecular Materials  From Electronic Structure to Functionality

This project aims to develop and explore new metal-based molecular materials, focusing on molecules that can act as magnets or be switched between multiple states by heating/cooling. This project expects to deliver an improved understanding of how the molecular electronic structure engenders desired physical properties in the target species. This insight will allow development of design principles for robust systems for nanodevices or advanced materials. As well as achieving important advances in fundamental chemistry, this project is anticipated to help lay the foundations for development of novel materials for high density data storage, quantum computing, molecular electronics/spintronics, optical displays or temperature/solvent sensors.


Welcome Moya

A hearty welcome to new Boskovic Group postdoc Dr Moya Hay, who joins us today from Mark Murrie’s group at the University of Glasgow.  Moya will be carrying out research on new lanthanoid-based switchable molecular materials.

Chemical Science paper for Gemma

Congratulations to Gemma on the publication of her paper “Single-ion anisotropy and exchange coupling in cobalt(II)-radical complexes: insights from magnetic and ab initio studies” in Chemical Science.  Performed in collaboration with Alessandro Soncini and workers from Monash, ANSTO and the University of Florence, this experimental and theoretical study provides important new insights into the tricky business of modelling Co(II)-radical species.

Welcome Katya and Vincent

We welcome new MSc students Katya Bondaruk and Vincent Nadurata to the group.  Both Vincent and Katya will be working on switchable systems with redox-active ligands.  Katya is co-supervised by new collaborator Carol Hua.

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