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Welcome to the Boskovic Research Group at the School of Chemistry, University of Melbourne.

We are inorganic chemists interested in the synthesis and study of complexes of paramagnetic transition metals and lanthanoids. Some of these species can function as magnets, such that a single molecule could act as the smallest possible unit of magnetic memory. Others display reversible intramolecular electron transfer between the metal centres and the organic ligands. Another class display luminescence or photochromic behaviour. These functional molecular systems have potential applications in quantum computing, molecular spintronics, high density data storage, display devices or as molecular switches.

Our work involves the systematic synthesis of these materials and their characterisation using diffraction, magnetic, spectroscopic, electrochemical and other techniques. We ultimately aim to elucidate the relationship between molecular and electronic structure and resulting physical properties.  The insights we obtain facilitate the design of molecular materials with improved physical properties for practical applications.



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