Welcome Miao!

Welcome to new PhD student Miao Li, who joins us from China.  Miao will be researching redox-active rare earth molecular materials.

Congratulations to Jett and Haseena

Congratulations to PhD students Jett Janetzki and Haseena Ismail for winning prizes at the 2023 RACI Victorian Inorganic Chemistry Postgraduate Symposium.  Jett won a “best talk” prize for his talk “Biasing Two-Step Spin Crossover using Redox Manipulation” and Haseena won a poster prize for her poster “Exploring Valence Tautomerism in Cobalt Complexes of Bidentate Mixed-Donor (N,O) Redox-Active Ligands”.


Welcome back Dom!

Welcome (back) to new Honours student Dominic Brown, whose project will involve getting the photomagnetism capabililty of the new SQUID up and running!

AINSE Honours award for Stanley

Congratulations to MSc student Stanley Bagio on being awarded an AINSE Honours Award for his project “Elucidation of magnetic relaxation in prolate erbium/ytterbium SMMs”.  Stanley will be heading up to the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering at ANSTO next month for his first neutron measurements.

Welcome to new MSc students Stanley and Georgilett

We welcome new MSc students Stanley Bagio and Georgilett Perez-Bedwell.  Stanley will be co-supervised by Marcus Giansiracusa and working on lanthanoid single-molecule magnets, while Georgie’s project will focus on redox-activity in cerium complexes with redox-active ligands.

Congratulations Dr Dunstan!

Hearty congratulations to Dr Maja Dunstan on the successful completion of her PhD.  Her thesis is entitled: “Neutron Spectroscopy and Magnetic Properties of Lanthanoid(III)-dioxolene Compounds”.

Congratulations Zahra

Congrats Zahra Zahir for her best poster prize at last week’s Asian Conference on Molecular Magnetism in India. In her PhD, Zahra develops computational methods to predict complexes that will exhibit valence tautomerism.


Welcome Nithin!

Welcome to new postdoc Nithin Suryadevara, who joins us from Mario Ruben’s group in Karlsruhe, Germany.  Nithin will be working on switchable redox-active lanthanoid complexes.

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