The Boskovic Group is committed to fostering equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion in our pursuit of scientific discovery.  We follow family-friendly practices and we encourage an environment of collaboration, open communication, and trust.

PhD and MSc opportunities

Enquiries from potential PhD and MSc students are always welcome. PhD scholarships are generally available for high achieving local and international students. Currently available PhD and MSc projects will focus on: (1) valence tautomeric complexes, (2) redox-activity/switchability in lanthanoid complexes, (3) lanthanoid single-molecule magnets and (4) inelastic neutron scattering of metal complexes.

Information on application procedures is available from the Graduate Hub for PhD students and the Faculty of Science for MSc students.

Postdoctoral opportunities

The Australian Research Council annually seeks applications for Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRAs) from researchers who have been awarded a PhD within the previous five years.  The next deadline for applications is November 2020 for commencement in 2022.