ARC LIEF Grant for Magnetometry Facility

Congratulations to Colette, who has led a successful ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) bid for a Magnetometry Facility for Molecular and Nanoscale Materials involving the University of Melbourne, RMIT Univesity, Monash University and the University of Tasmania.  The funds will allow the purchase and installation of a SQUID Magnetometer in the School of Chemistry at the University of Melbourne and the construction of a Dynamic Mode Torque Cantilever Magnetometer at RMIT University.


Magnetometry Facility for Molecular and Nanoscale Materials

Associate Professor Colette Boskovic; Associate Professor Lan Wang; Professor Paul Mulvaney; Professor Cameron Jones; Dr Rebecca Fuller; Dr Torben Daeneke; Associate Professor Brendan Abrahams; Associate Professor Jianzhen Ou; Dr David Turner; Professor Dan Li; Associate Professor Lisandra Martin; Associate Professor Alessandro Soncini

Advances in information and communications technology are critically dependent on increasing the capacity, speed and energy efficiency of logic and memory electronic devices. These improvements can be achieved by reducing component size to the nanoscale and using magnetic spin as well as charge. This Project aims to establish Australia’s first integrated Magnetometry Facility for determining the magnetic properties of a range of nanoscale materials down to the level of individual nanomagnets. The Facility will provide crucial characterisation capabilities for Australian researchers, building capacity to develop new magnetic nanomaterials and devices for high-density data storage, quantum computing and spintronics.