RSC Chemical Science prize for Olga

Congratulations to Olga Drath, who was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry “Chemical Science” poster prize at the recent “International Conference on Molecule-Based Magnets” in Sendai, Japan.  Olga’s poster and flash presentation was entitled “Valence Tautomerism in One Dimensional Coordination Polymers” and Olga’s conference attendance was supported by a Masson Postgraduate Student Travel Award from the School of Chemistry.


Stranks Award for Gemma

Congratulations to Gemma Gransbury for winning a prestigious Don Stranks Award at the recent RACI Inorganic Chemistry Division meeting (IC16), held jointly with the International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry (ICOMC) in Melbourne last week.  Gemma presented boGRANSBURY(ed)th a talk and poster entitled “Experimental and density functional theory investigation of valence tautomeric complexes”.

Inorganic Chemistry paper for Marcus

Congratulations to Marcus on the acceptance of his paper “Carbonate-Bridged Lanthanoid Triangles: Single Molecule Magnet Behavior, Inelastic Neutron Scattering and Ab Initio Studies” for publication in Inorganic Chemistry.  This paper presents results from his MSc work.

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